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ZeeWorc is the name of glory and hard work. We as a team established 5 years ago. We started our work by providing web services than with the intense hard work and countless efforts of our team we started providing software services. And now by the grace of Allah Almighty and the sleepless nights of our dedicated workers, today we are here as a “ZeeWorc Software Company” in the market to chase the companies. Now we are properly prepared by the limitless services of the Internet for your business to work more efficiently.

For over 5 years, ZeeWorc has been providing outsourcing software development services to companies of different sizes and pursuing different goals, but all gathered by the desire to strengthen their presence on the market with the help of technology. Our extensive expertise in outsourcing backed by hundreds of successful projects makes us confident in our belief that each of our clients deserves a solution that is not just tailored to business objectives but also completely fits into time & budget capabilities and expectations.

We believe that our members of staff can retain great relations outside the office too. That is why we encourage them to participate in various activities in their spare time. And what is better in bonding with people than traveling, sports, and attending various cultural events? We do not stick to the “your work is your second family” motto, but we share the idea that our offices may be a place of warmth and caring as well. Besides, we regularly organize internal business trips to support the principles of multiculturalism within the company. As long as our international employees work together, they need to meet in person to discover each other’s mentalities which has a great effect on the job they do together.

Design & development

Every mindset has its own mission, our mission has a very important role in the character-building of our company and work. Our clients are our first and most important priority. Our mission is disparate from any other company. Our mission is to provide reasonable and discounted packages, especially to people who are away from the latest technology and fast ways of earning by not using specific technical methods, due to a smaller number of resources and financial issues.

The era in which we are living in the era of technology. In the century of computers and technology, the one who is away from the latest mode of technology can’t compete in the developed world, so our mission is to upgrade these people to stay in society with valuable income status. We want to grow them by providing our services by making their identities. Some old but gold business lack their customers due to distance from the latest technology. In comparison with those companies or businesses that are newly formed, the reason behind this is the proper and necessary use of technology. These newly generated businesses have much more clients only due to their digital policies and digital identities. So “ZeeWorc Software Company” want to provide services for business that are not grown by enhancing their marketing.

“Privacy is about respecting individuals”

We respect our client privacy and this is what we called one and only one vision. In the race of technology, we have advantages but simultaneously we’re some disadvantages. The most perilous and distraught disadvantage is to disturb or leak the privacy of clients, so in this time of technology, our information’s aren’t secure. Even through our banking applications are not safe enough. Can you people imagine the national database of our countries is not fully secured either?

So “ZeeWorc Software Company” has a vision that is very different. We want to generate a “Product of Freedom” from which a person can feel freedom, not imprisonment. It has a feeling of independence, not restrictions. It will give more freedom, privilege, liberty, and emancipation to our customers.

We just went to launch a product in future which is full of revolutionary qualities So we’ll make sure that your data and privacy is secure with us.

Work hard, play harder!

ZeeWorc believes that people are our assets. Our culture is the foundation of our company. We have the right blend of fresh and expert engineers who can think innovative under experts’ guidance. We provide a stress-free environment to showcase creativity in every engagement we take.

It is commonly known that sports and a healthy lifestyle are all about discipline, and discipline boosts both work and training. By introducing several sports-related initiatives (corporate fitness classes, soccer, and volleyball games, etc), we strive for increasing the level of health condition and efficiency of our employees. Besides, it’s just fun!

ZeeWorc addresses the needs of various city communities by engaging our employees to dedicate their time to the social sphere. We believe that if our employees feel they can contribute their time and money to worthwhile deeds, they transform on both professional and personal levels.

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Ammar Kazmi
Project Manager
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Shabeh Asghar
Marketing Manager
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Hamza Hassan
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 We are proud of our cooperation with the impressive list of our customers. ZeeWorc values every piece of the feedback as we thrive not just to be the middlemen between the companies and the market, but to cooperate with our customers as full-scale partners.

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