Mateen Quran Academy is an online platform that provides various live courses to help you learn the Quran and Islamic Studies at the ease and comfort of your home. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers from all around the world on board with us. They have several years of experience teaching Quran to non-Arabic speakers as well. Their degrees and certifications are of great value, which is why we consider them a great asset. Our professionals will use their zeal and knowledge to help you in understanding Quran, interpret the message of Allah, and derive lessons from it to apply to your daily life sessions. We make sure our students are learning and progressing throughout the sessions by conducting exercises, repeated tests, and quizzes.

Islam places great emphasis on education. Its teachings underscore the importance of its acquisition by all Muslims. Emphasizing learning and education, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) transformed a largely uneducated and illiterate society into an Umma focused on higher learning, intellectual pursuits, and scientific development. According to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), there are no limits to learning and Muslims should acquire knowledge throughout their lives and from all sources.

Our teachers of the Quran have dedicated professionals in the field of Tajweed and Quranic Recitation.
Our teachers speak many different languages such as English, Arabic, Persian & Urdu.
Our teachers of Islamic Studies have extensive knowledge in the field of Islamic studies.
We have male and female teachers available for respective students.
Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and can adapt to the requirements of the particular student.

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